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What Mothers really want for Mother's Day?

Hello my dear friend! Welcome back to the Morning Cup of Sunshine podcast. I am so happy to see you here. I am so excited for today’s episode. Frankly I had a completely different episode planned for today. I wanted to talk about moms in honor of Mother’s day. I initially thought of talking about mom guilt. Boy it was a heavy episode to begin with. I was 100% sure that I won’t be able to cover even the tip of the iceberg in one episode and honestly I was not in the mood to talk on such a heavy topic on Mother’s day, especially on Mother’s day when we are supposed to feel special. Then I thought of talking about my mom and all motherly figures I have in my life and their contribution. I actually started recording but it is never easy for me to talk about my mom. I just miss her so much whenever I even think about her. I realized just a couple of minutes in the episode that I can not complete recording this episode with the poise and a steady voice. I stopped recording and just left the room. I am starting recording again after a couple of hours and I am in a much better mood. This time I changed the complete idea of the topic. I decided to do something fun. I have been talking about all the serious stuff for the past many weeks. It is time to lighten the mood. I am recording this episode on actual mother’s day here in the US. Frankly, I did not celebrate Mother’s day back in India when I was young. I got to know about it when we came here in the USA and had my own kids. But it is never a big deal in my home. Kids make cards, sometimes breakfast , bring flowers and that’s about it. Unfortunately, I always wake up before anyone in my home so they never get a chance to bring breakfast in bed and I am too skeptical to eat in my bed so that never works out. But in all it is a fun day, they definitely make me feel special. I was just talking to some of my colleagues a few weeks back. We were chatting about mother’s day and they all were talking about what exactly they want on Mother’s day and how their family sometimes don’t get it. It started just as some fun conversation but then I started thinking about it. I started asking some of my friends about their opinion too. They shared so many fun and some insightful ideas. So I thought why not talk about the same. Just a quick note, some of these ideas are not my originals so I won’t take credit for those. I am just a medium to bring those fun ideas in front of you. Don’t take it too seriously, I definitely appreciate the efforts that kids and husband take to make me feel special, these are just some fun ways to boost that fun !! Are you ready for this fun ride? All right let’s begin

  1. My personal number one thing that I really want on Mother’s day is the completely free two hours to myself just to roam around HomeGoods or Target without worrying anything back home. Just me and my favorite home decor isle.

  2. A promise to do laundry for the entire week. When I say laundry that means wash, dry, fold and put away all clothes. That is just the dream.

  3. A spotless, clean house, clean floors, clean bathrooms, vacuumed , mopped. That will be just amazing, especially if it is done when I am on my Target run.

  4. I want my husband to answer all the questions asked by kiddoes on that day. All those why’s and what’s.

  5. A nice long hot shower without anyone banging on the door asking are you done mom? What are you doing mom? Can I have a snack mom? You got it right?

  6. A nice, hot cup of coffee and a complete silence. But please no more mugs with saying best mom in the world, momma bear , and all those cheesy sayings.

  7. I want all four of us to get ready and click a nice picture with all four of us looking at the camera at the same time, no silly faces, no picking noses while posing, no tugging to the dress, just a nice family picture. I have tons of photos of my kids but I am barely in the photos. Because it stresses me out to scramble everyone together, ask kids to stay still and laugh normally. I hope to have a really nice family photo.

  8. Frankly, I don’t want any gifts, I would rather spend the time together without worrying about what’s next to do.

  9. One day to be just me, free of all the chores, responsibilities, worries. I want one day where kids can find their own toys, my husband can figure out where his headphones are and I can just take care of me, instead of taking care of everyone around me.

  10. A nice massage appointment, all scheduled and paid for. That will be a treat right?

  11. One of my friends said, Please no more gift sets with some random lotions and bath salts, although I would prefer it but of course not some random.

  12. A long cuddle time with my kids, lots of story reading, lots of board games and lots more laughter and fun.

  13. I have been thinking of this one for a long time but I could not bring myself to force this on my husband, Can you guess? Watch all Rajashri production movies, HAHK, HSSH and vivah in one day. That will be torture for him, so no skipping it this year as well.

  14. But yes, I would love to have a full authority of Remote for an entire day. No more teasing of Jack Bauer, No comments on my love for Grey’s Anatomy and surely no rolling eyes for my beloved Gilmore Girls.

  15. I would love a sign that says Mom’s always right because I am.. Just kidding

  16. Something handmade. I love to treasure all the keepsakes that my kids make for me. Whenever I get a handwritten note from my kids, it is the biggest treasure for me. I would love to have one this year too.

  17. One full uninterrupted hour to chat with my sister. But then, one hour is not enough. We call each other our lifelines. We talk multiple times a day and we still have so much to say. But we do get interrupted multiple times by some silly questions So yes, to begin with one hour of interrupted call time will be cool .

  18. A simple heartfelt thank you or just an acknowledgement of what all we do for our family. It is not easy being a mom.

  19. I personally would love to add a new indoor plant in my collection. Rushikesh, if you are listening, I have the list ready for you.

  20. If they can cook an entire meal for me, then that will be amazing and if they clean after them then that will surely be the cherry on the top.

What do you think, do you like any of these ideas? Do you have any ideas of your own? Come join me this week and we will find out more ideas to make the motherhood special. Even though we celebrate mother’s day only once a year , I think it should not be the case. It is not easy being a mom. Although it is fulfilling and a tight hug, a sweet smile from kids just makes it all worthwhile, it will make it more beautiful if we just start acknowledging all that a mom does. If I start making a list of what all things I learned from my mom, I can easily keep on talking for hours and here I got to spend hardly 12 years of my life with her. She is still my pillar of strength even though she is not with me physically. She is still my guiding poll, there are countless times when I think to myself what would have my mom done in my situation and I behave exactly the same. Motherhood is not easy, being a mom is not easy and you realize it when you are a mother yourself. Motherhood is making choices every single day to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own. It is about teaching some hard lessons, it is about taking some tough decisions. It is about tons of sacrifices. It is all about trying to do the right thing even when you don’t know what is right sometimes. Let’s just be grateful for all the moms in our life. Life is much more beautiful because of our mom. As a mom, sometimes we don’t know how to get anything done, but trust me, every single day, we get it done. Embrace that. The fact you worry whether you are a good mom means you are already a good mom. So, don’t worry, enjoy your day. Always trust, you are the best mom for your kids. You are the best, beautiful and amazing in your own way. Enjoy your own special day.. Happy Mother’s day.

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