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Grateful and Blessed

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Hello my dear listener! Welcome back to yet another episode of Morning Cup of Sunshine podcast. I feel like I am starting fresh, what a week it was! I am still on cloud 9. I posted episode 100 last week. It was a big milestone and I have been working on it slowly for two years. I always dreamt about the day when I will reach this 100 episode milestone and to be honest with you, the day was no less than a dream. I was going to talk about a completely different topic today but I simply can not talk about anything else without acknowledging all my listeners who celebrated this milestone with me.

So, let’s recap last week for a little bit. I got so many audio clips and messages, emails for my 100th episode that I had to be really creative to fit in most of them in the actual episode. On Saturday, I stayed up late to record and edit that special episode. I can not tell you how many times I had to stop recording just to gather myself. I was feeling so many emotions, I was happy, excited, tearful from listening to everybody’s feedback. I was just feeling extremely thankful for having so many supportive, loving and kind listeners. Finally, the recording and editing for the episode was done, I uploaded the episode, scheduled it for Monday morning and called it a night. I spent the entire Sunday in anticipation. I could not sleep because of all the excitement. Monday morning, I broke my own rule and checked my phone as soon as I woke up. I was finally relieved to see the episode live. I had my inbox full with so many congratulatory emails. My phone was constantly buzzing. I kept my writing for the day aside on Monday and started listening to the episode. I could not hold back my tears after listening to the final cut of the episode. I could clearly see the day I started this podcast, I could clearly see the numerous challenges that I faced while recording my episodes, I could sense my fear on day one when I released my first episode. I was afraid, scared, excited but still unsure about the response but I can now proudly say that the journey was nothing but rewarding, fulfilling. It gave me confidence, it helped me find myself, it helped me reignite my passion. I got to know myself much better and along the way I could help so many others just like me. I could not stop thinking about the journey but it was Monday and a pile of work was waiting for me. So, I started working at my day job. Today, all the calls felt like a breeze, all those fights about deadlines and escalations seemed so trivial. I was just in a different world that day. Nothing could bother me, no amount of work pressure, no deadlines, no back to back calls could bring my cheerful mood down. I was just happy in my own world.

Finally, as per plan I ended my work day early. I took a half day off that day to celebrate one more special occasion. It was our 12th marriage anniversary. I married my best friend 12 years back and every year, we are growing together, supporting each other’s passion. For the last few years, we have had a tradition, we always go on a lunch date on our anniversary. This year also, we went to our favorite restaurant. We ordered without any rush, talked to each other without any interruption, laughed, joked and just enjoyed a nice lunch. It was a very special time and we just loved each other’s company. It was definitely the big highlight of the day.

We picked kids up from school and came back home. But then the evening took a completely surprising turn. Rushikesh and the kids then decorated the dining room with a beautiful balloon arch, put up a banner for Morning Cup of Sunshine, and the kids made cards. Hats off to them for keeping everything under wraps. That was definitely tricky with me always around. But somehow, they pulled it off. They finally revealed these beautiful decorations to me and asked me to get ready. While I was getting ready, they went off to get a cake. The evening was already getting better and better. Few minutes later, the doorbell rang. I opened the door thinking it would be Rushikesh and kids bringing the cake. But to my surprise, all my very close and dear friends were at the door. Now, I was so emotionally overwhelmed. We had such a beautiful time, they brought a birthday cake, flowers and what not for Morning Cup of Sunshine. We cut not one, not two but three cakes that day. One for our anniversary and two for our two year old Morning Cup of sunshine. I was surrounded by my lovely friends, Rushikesh, my in-laws and kids. All my near and dear ones were there with me. Of course, I missed my sister, her family and my mom and dad so much on that day. I kept on imagining their reaction, I am sure wherever they are they are looking at us and feeling as joyful and happy as I was that day.

But, I want to reiterate one thing, although the big milestone has passed and Morning Cup of Sunshine is old and wise. We will still be on the same path that we all started on two years back. I am still the same, I am still with you, walking down the path of self improvement, one day at a time. This journey is far from over. We are still going to talk about our daily struggles and positive, mindful solutions to those struggles. I will still be working on spreading some happiness, positivity and little sunshine today and everyday through your own Morning Cup of sunshine podcast.

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