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Major Life Update

Hello and welcome to yet another episode of Morning Cup of Sunshine. I am so glad that you are here today. This is going to be a short but sweet episode. I am so happy to announce a major life update today.

Do you remember our vision board party back in December? This is my very first year to create a vision board. I knew about them but never really created one. I feel like ever since I started this podcast, I have changed a lot, hopefully for good. I started reading more, I started working on myself intentionally. I started looking at each and every life experience more intentionally. I started understanding myself better. I even started listening to conversations more intentionally. I started working on my inner strength more and more each day. During this journey, when I read about vision boards, I was a little bit skeptical at first. I even talked about it in the episode as well. I am truly a science girl. I only believe in things that I can see. I was skeptical to believe in vision boards only because they work based on the law of attraction. But the more I read about them the more I realize it is not only about the law of attraction. It is also about visual reminders to work towards the dream you are putting out in the world. It is not only about the law of attraction but also about the law of action. The moment I put my dreams on the vision board, I started seeing them in front of my eyes every single day. On the days when I felt doubtful about my podcasting journey, when some of my friends were telling me to offload my plate by taking out podcasting as it is not really a mandatory job thing, I looked at my vision board. It has a picture of a one year podcasting anniversary and 100 episodes. Those two pictures kept me going when I felt unsure of my podcasting journey. I am not the type of person who will give up on the first sign of a difficult situation. I am truly a fighter in that sense. I will keep on trying to the best of my ability until there is no other option left. Now, you must be thinking why am I going on and on about the vision board and what that has to do with life update. The reason is one more beautiful image that I added on my vision board. The image was of a home, a beautiful home with tall ceilings and bright light shining through the windows of that house. It was the first time in many years, that I even thought about our own home in this land. We lived in an apartment for more than 7 years. We never even talked about buying a house here. But for the first time, we thought about buying a house in December 2020. We were excited but worried if we could find the house of our dreams. We had few criteria in mind. We wanted a house where my kids can grow and enjoy the company of not only each other but get ample of kids to play with. My kids love to play outdoors so we wanted a sense of community in our new nest. For our Vision board party, I started looking for images of the houses. It was way before when we actually searched for a house. I have not even looked at even a single house yet. We have not even taken a tour of any house or registered on any realtor sites. It was all for the Vision board party. I finally found an image of a house that I loved. I glued that image on the vision board. Every time, I worked out on my elliptical, I looked at that beautiful house image. Slowly, that image started becoming more and more clear to me. We started actively looking for the houses. By the time, we actually started looking for the house, we already had a clear idea of what exactly we are looking for in the house. The vision board made me clarify that image. It made me believe that this dream is possible. It was like a constant reminder for me to trust the process and keep looking without getting overwhelmed with all the steps in between. I was able to look at that image every single day and think of it as my end goal. It was like my prized reward for all the steps in between. I decided to trust firmly on my dream and keep on looking for the right house. We looked at quite a few homes before we saw a house of our dream. The moment we saw the picture of one house on the internet, I fell in love with it. It was very very close to the image I placed on my vision board. We booked a tour of the house and the moment we stepped into the house, it felt like a home. It was a love at first sight. We all fell in love with the house. I won’t bore you with all the steps in between but I will tell you one thing that those went smoothly enough. There was no drama involved. We got the house that all four of us loved. It is the perfect house for us. I wanted to share my most favorite part of the house. I found my writing corner, blank canvas corner in this house. It is a small nook in our dining room. It has windows on all three sides. I can see myself sitting there every morning, working on my podcast, drinking my coffee, writing my journal and finding myself during my blank canvas moments. I can see all four of us and friends and family having hearty conversations. I can see my family enjoying this house. I can see us growing together and making a lot of memories in this house. This is the major life update for us. We are now proud owners of a home here in the US. It is a giant step for us and we all are extremely happy and excited to share this fantastic news with you all. We moved just this week so there is a lot of unpacking and organizing to do. I have my work cut for next few weeks. But you know me, I am enjoying this way too much. I love organizing and it gives so much joy to work on organizing my home. I have a lot to share about organizing and the tips that helped us pack and unpack without much hassle. It is not only about moving but some very useful habits to reduce the stress of hoarding. I am working on a topic that is extremely close to my heart, you will know all about it very very soon. But for now, I wanted to come on here to update you on this fantastic news. I wanted you all to believe in your dreams. They do come true if you see them and work to get them. Vision board played a huge role for me. I am now a fan. I am going to work harder this year to achieve the rest of the dreams I put together on that vision board and I am confident that if I work sincerely, those dreams will turn into a reality within no time. I wish you the same for you all too. I urge you all to see big dreams and then give your 100% to achieve them . This life is very beautiful and it becomes colorful with your dreams, so fill your life with your dreams. Here’s to many more dreams and fun filled life!!

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