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Keep Your Inner Child Within You Alive

Welcome my morning people to Goal No 1, “Keep the child within you alive.”. Together let’s begin our journey of positivity, mindfulness with one step at a time.

Happy Moment Of The Week

Before we start discussing the steps to achieve our goal, as our tradition here, I will share my Happy Moment Of The Week. This is the one of the many moments that are worth cherishing and sharing with you all. Today, my almost 3 year old daughter was watering our herb garden in the balcony. She suddenly came to me with a watering can in one hand and said, “Look mom, I am getting taller every day. You know what you water me everyday. That's why I am getting taller. It put such a broad smile on my face that I felt incredibly happy and joyful inside out. I was so amazed about the way kids relate things. This was definitely my highlight of the week, what about your’s? I am so eager to listen to your happy moment of the week.

Please take a moment and think about the one thing that brought you happiness, a cheer on your face. It can be the smallest thing but if it made you feel good about you, about your life then just close your eyes and live through it again just for a moment.

I will enjoy reading all your joyful moments in the comment. I am so looking forward to reading your moment of the week.

Coming to our today’s goal “ Keeping the child within you alive.” This goal is extremely close to my heart. I always feel that some part in me is still refusing to grow up. It still wants to roam in my childhood memories, my school and those worry free years. But the other part in me wants this little one to grow up. They continuously try so hard to change each other that sometimes I felt torn between them. But no doubt I love the part in me who wants to stay small. Today, we are going to help that little one in us to live and live in fulfillment.

As usual, I am always here to give you the exact outline, the tactical tips to get to our goal.

So, let’s begin with our tip no 1 to keep our inner child alive.

Step 1 : Laugh more/Cry more

When we were little, we used to express our emotions so easily. Every small or silly thing used to make us laugh so hard. Remember your school days, those unending chit chats with friends and our laughing spree over the smallest things. Do you still find laughter so easily? Do we still enjoy and laugh that hard on the silliest things? When did we become so particular about the way we laugh? I used to cry in every movie I watch. Of course I still cry sometimes but then I always look over my shoulder if someone is looking. Why? Why do we do that? What happened to us while growing up?

I urge you the next time you want to cry, feel your emotions, bowl your eyes out. It is a much better and healthy way to cope with our emotions than reaching for some unhealthy choices. It is okay to cry. Next time you find something funny, laugh as hard as you can. Laughter is kind of therapy. I read somewhere, those who laugh more live more. The ones who laugh more, find more joy in small things and the joyful life everyday definitely leads to a more fulfilled and longer life.

When I was younger, my dad used to buy audio cassettes of the newly released movies. Everyone in my home was deeply in love with Bollywood movies so we never had a restriction for watching movies or buying those cassettes. I still remember clearly, I used to dance on all songs in that audio cassette. I am not a very good dancer but it used to bring me so much joy.

Try and remember when was the last time you danced as if nobody’s looking? Try it, it is so much fun and our purpose here is to bring joy and fun to our inner child. So, what’s the better way than dancing it to the tunes of your favorite song?

Step 2: Find beauty in small things.

When was the last time you walked in rain without worrying about anything? Chased a butterfly?

Jumped in a puddle without thinking about clothes getting dirty? Those who are parents of young children might understand this, but when your kid wants to jump in a muddy puddle like Peppa pig does, it feels like a nightmare. Only thing you can think of is dirty shoes, dirty clothes and piles of laundry. But we did the same things when we were young, didn’t we?

I have a very simple exercise for you. I am sure it will help you find joy in small things. From today, till the next episode comes that is next Monday, so for a week, write down two things. One the small thing that brought you joy. Second, one fun thing that you did (not just want), I am saying you have to do it. You can do it with family or your own, doesn’t matter. But it should be fun for you. Make time for it. It is okay if it is the tiniest thing like just changing the way you do your hair everyday. But do one fun thing for you. Tell me in the comments how you feel? Write it in your journal.

Step 3: Ask questions/help

In my home, every time we have dinner together at the dining table, my husband and I feel like we are on the hot seat of a quiz contest. My son who is almost 8 has so many questions about everything that the questions never stop. I was the exact same way when I was little.

But somehow, now I feel a little awkward asking too many questions? What if they find it silly? What if they think that how I don't even know this? What if they think I am over-smart for asking too many questions? Do you feel the same way? When did this change happen in me? Why did I stop asking questions? Why do we care so much what others think? I think it is time to stop this and be free in your own mind first. Nobody has ever told you that this silly question or you should know better. It is the assumption and assumptions are never facts. So, if you want to know something, don’t hold back just ask.

There is an even bigger side to this step. When we were kids, it was so easy for us to ask for help. We used to ask our mom so easily to help us with homework. It was so easy for us to ask our dad to help us teach to ride a bike without training wheels. But now, do we ask for help so easily? Somehow the society we live in expects us to be superhuman or we have created some presumption that we have to be absolutely best in everything and can do almost everything ourselves. But I want to tell you, It is absolutely okay to ask for help. We want to thrive together as a community. Asking for help is much better than burning yourself under the humongous amount of stress. So please please this week, just ask for help if you need it, don’t shy away from it.

Step 4: Say sorry and move on

Have you heard a song, “Let it go, don’t hold back anymore”. I have been hearing that song non-stop for the last 6 months, basically ever since my daughter decided that this is her favorite song. This is such amazing lyrics. Even my three year old is now telling me to let it go.

Jokes apart but it is so incredible to think about the power of saying sorry. There is no point in holding grudges. Sometimes we lose a lifetime of friendships over some small things. Isn’t it easier just to say sorry and move on? Remember, as a child we used to let it go so easily. A fight between friends was easily forgotten. Let’s do it now and make our life more content. So, today call your friend or family member with whom you have lost touch. Talk to them with such an open mind that it should be the best conversation you had with them in years. Do it with all your heart, I am sure you feel better than before.

Step 5 : Explore more without doubting yourself

Curiosity is the second name to childhood. When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up. You will hear answers ranging from a clown to astronauts, in all different spectrum.

The one who said clown never feels smaller than the one who said astronaut. There is no comparison. They are so free in their imagination. Kids always have questions about so many things. I feel they are always exploring, always finding new things to do. Even the toddlers play with such an imagination that you wonder where did they learn all this? But their observation, curiosity and imagination make them explore so many things. But then, we start thinking am I too old for dancing like this? Am I too old to go back to school? Am I too old to switch my career path? We stop taking risks. I understand, we have responsibilities, there are others who are now dependent on us and I absolutely don’t want anyone to run from their responsibilities. But as we grow, we start putting ourselves into the box.This box starts to get smaller and smaller as we grow. Let’s together break out of this box. Let’s start small. This year let’s take on one thing that you always wanted to do but never actually did because you thought you are too old for it. Maybe you always wanted to learn classical singing or swimming or run a half marathon but you never. But don’t hold back anymore !! Just give it a try. I am asking you to do one thing. One thing without doubting yourself. Your inner child will be over the moon if you fulfill his wish , his dream. That’s our goal right?


I want you to take away these steps from this post.

Step 1 - Laugh more, Cry more

Step 2: Find beauty in small things.

Step 3: Ask questions/help

Step 4: Say sorry and move on

Step 5 : Explore more without doubting yourself

So, what do you think? I know this post is jam packed with a lot of tips and a lot of exercises for you to do.

This week, you are going to write in your journal about the thing that made you happy.

Do one fun thing everyday.

Call your estranged friend.

Finally this year, you are taking on one thing, that you always wanted to do as a child.

I am holding you accountable to do all those things. On this note, be happy, be alive. Let’s not grow old too fast. Age is just a number but let’s nurture our inner child. Laugh more, cry more, explore more, dream more and live more !!

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