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How to create Vision Board?

Hello my dear friend, welcome to the new episode of Morning Cup of Sunshine. If you heard about me just today, welcome to this wonderful community of inspiring and inspired people. You have quite a few episodes to catch up. I would really hope that you enjoy this podcast. Thank you so much for joining me today, I am incredibly grateful for you. As we are coming to the end of this year, it is time to reflect on this year and plan for the upcoming year. This is exactly what we are going to do in this episode. I am going to explain a way to create the vision board and together we will work through the steps to create an amazing vision board for 2021. But first, happy moment of the week.

Happy Moment of the Week

This week, we set up our Christmas tree. It was a fun afternoon project. Kids were so excited to decorate the tree. We have a small tree that we set up every year. But this was the first time Mihir was curious to know the story behind Christmas. We found books and read them, it created a festive mood. When we were decorating the tree, Maitreyi kept calling it a Diwali tree. We didn't understand what she was saying at first. She keeps calling things by different names, that’s one of her many quirks so we thought she is just being silly. But then, she explained we used the same string of lights to decorate the tree which we used for Diwali decorations. We laughed so much. I loved her imagination and I am so grateful to raise the kids who are getting exposed to all kinds of cultures and traditions. This generation kids are truly global citizens. This really made my afternoon and I will cherish these small moments forever. What about you my dear friend? How was your week? Did you do anything new, anything special? Is there a moment that brought a smile on your face? What brought you joy this week? I would love to hear all about it in our weekly post for Happy Moments. I would love for you to join my Facebook group, Morning Cup of Sunshine to share and spread happiness. Alright, let’s dive into today’s episode, how to create a vision board.

What a vision board is?

So, if you go by a literal definition, it is just a board with images that represents you, your dreams, your goals. It depicts your personality, your vision for life, your bucket list. It is much more than just cutting pretty pictures and gluing them on a board. It helps you clarify your own vision, it helps you concentrate on what’s really important and it keeps you motivated by being a constant reminder. Vision boarding is a great way to get clear on your goals and motivate yourself to bring them to life. It is a collection of images, the images that represents all the things that you want to be and have in your life. It is placed somewhere that you can see every single day. It’s a daily reminder of those things. Something you can look at every single day to remind you of your deepest desires. It is extremely powerful because it is you, your better version, your aspirations ready to be achieved. I hope you got the idea. Don’t worry if you are new to this and have a lot of questions about how it works. Sit back and relax, I am here to help.

Do they even work?

The answer is not a straight yes. I know, if you search the internet for the same question, the answer will be a big yes. They all talk about the law of attraction. I understand that visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises. You can do this exercise to manifest things that you desire. I read the book The Secret, by Luis Hey, a long time ago. I do like the concept of forming your entire life through your thoughts and law of attraction. But I am a science girl, through and through. I believe more in the law of action than the law of attraction. I am by no means saying the law of attraction does not work. It will work if it is accompanied by the focused and inspired actions. I tremendously respect Louis Hey and I have talked about her in my previous episodes as well. So, yes, a vision board can help you visualize. It is a fun and enlightening exercise that makes you aware of your own dreams. But it is no magic. If you just create a board and wait for your dreams to come true without taking any inspired actions, I am sure even though you have vision, you have faith, your dreams won’t become your reality if you don’t take the inspired actions.

Why do I create the vision board then?

You need a vision board as a constant reminder of things that you want to achieve in your life. It gives you the necessary motivation to keep on working towards your goal. They are fun and exciting, enlightening and definitely help you to move forward. But let me tell you one thing, it is still an external motivation. I have talked about it in one of the previous episodes. External motivation can only take you so far, what will help you keep working towards that goal is your own determination, your own grit and perseverance. I guarantee you that if you create the vision board by following the steps that I am going to lay out in this episode, it will keep you motivated, determined and you will get closer to your dream. I hope you are convinced enough to create a vision board for yourself. So, Let’s start. As always I have a slightly different take on vision boards, so let me explain my process before you start all the fun cutting and gluing.

Before you start

Before you start the fun part, I want you to do one small exercise. What happens many times, is that you rush to the fun part of cutting images and decorating your vision board before actually taking time to process what you really need to put on that vision board. Don’t rush. Take your journal out and write down 5 things. your dreams, your goals, your feelings, things/people that you are grateful to already have in your life and last one word that defines your upcoming year. Take your time and try to process each of these points. Your dreams, think about how your perfect life looks. These dreams can be anything, they can be big and bold. Think about all the areas in your life. Your family, your career, your health. Maybe you want a big house, maybe you want to climb up a ladder in your career, maybe you want to run a marathon or have more kids or anything in the world. Then comes your goals, now try to be a little more specific. You want a big house, that is your dream but what kind of house? Is it in the country or city? Is it on a farm or a nice housing community? Try to be a little more specific. If you dream of getting the promotion, do you need any particular skill for that? Does it need any certification or a course? You got the idea right? It gets more and more specific as work on each of these points. So the next is your feelings. I am a big believer in understanding your feelings. If one of your dreams is to lose weight and you set a goal to run a mile every single day. But you absolutely hate running, will it be fun for you? Will your journey towards your goal be a fun and happy journey? No. There are other ways to lose weight, why not try one of those. But you will understand this when you focus on your feelings. Write down how you will feel once you achieve your dream, will you be satisfied, content, happy or exhausted. This needs some inward thinking so don’t rush and write down about your emotions. The next point is simple but powerful. What are you grateful for? It is extremely important to count your blessings. It is important to acknowledge and respect the things or people that you already have in your life. Include those in your vision board as well. Lastly, one word that represents you in the upcoming year. It can be anything like, consistency, focus, perseverance, enough, love, progress. It is just a sum total of all your dreams, goals, feelings, gratitude. It represents your life focus.

Once you have all these 5 things written down in your journal, then the fun part begins.

Are you ready to create a vision board for yourself? I was actually thinking of hosting a live event in my Facebook group. We all can create a vision board for 2021 together. This week, you can work on all the points I mentioned and next week, we can make our vision board together. What do you say? Would you like to join me? I will post this question in my Facebook group and let me know in the comments if you are interested, I will then schedule a live event for us. It will be fun. Alright we are at the fun part now.

What will you need ?

Now that you have done all the internal work, and are ready with your plan, you need to find the images that suit your dreams, goals. You can find images from magazines, or search the internet. Be as creative as you can. You can draw your own images as well. Find all the pictures, quotes, photographs that you want to put on your vision board. You will of course need a board. You can use the simple canvas or a cardboard or old photo frame, cork board. It is your vision board so it's your choice how you want to create it. It is okay if you want to create a separate vision board for each area of your life or a single one. It is your choice. You will also need some basic stuff, like glue, scissors, push pins, decorative tapes, markers. Once you gather your supplies, it’s time to decorate. If you like a minimal look, keep fewer images. If you like quotes, add those too. It is completely your choice. Do as you please. If you want to designate an area for each aspect of life, you can do that as well. You can have a theme if you want. Create a nice ambiance, sit in a nice and positive space. Keep all your supplies close by. All these factors can change based on your own requirement. But one thing is for sure, you have to believe every single thing that you are putting on that board. Have 100% faith in your vision and then give your 100% to achieve them. Keep that board somewhere in your home where you can see many times in a day. Put it next to your desk and look at it every time you start working. You can even hang it near your bathroom mirror or in your closet or on a wall where you workout every day. Look at this vision board every single day, drive inspiration from the board and transform that inspiration into focused actions. Work on your dreams, goals every single day. Try to envision the version of you that you want to become and is shown in this vision board. Create the vision in such a way that it should make you jump out of the bed with excitement to work on it. As Oprah once said, create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life. Because, you become what you believe.


On this note, let’s quickly recap today’s episode. Today, we discussed how visualizing your dreams and goals with intentions and purpose can help you get closer to your best life possible. We discussed how to create a vision board, what are the benefits of the vision board, what exactly you need to create a vision board and what inner thinking you need to do to create the vision board. I am so excited to create my vision board for 2021. I hope you are too. I will keep you posted about the Facebook live to create the vision board together. Till then, imagine with all your mind, believe with all your heart and achieve with all your might !

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