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Happy Women's Day

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Hello my dear listener! Welcome back to yet another interesting episode of Morning Cup of Sunshine podcast. If you are listening to this episode when it is released then you know, Tomorrow is a special day. I want to talk about this special day and honor some of the very special people in my life. It is International women’s day tomorrow. I still remember when I was in school, the newspaper that we used to get at our home always had a special edition for this day. There used to be a lot of articles, interviews and inspiring stories of inspiring women all over the world. I always loved reading that special edition. I used to feel inspired to do something big, something spectacular. I don’t know if I am a feminist by definition. Yes, I do feel strongly about equality. I have a firm belief that girls by no means are lesser than boys, I do believe girls are sensitive, strong but I am also against tagging a boy week just because he shows his emotional side, I am also against deciding the limitation based on that person’s gender. I don’t know if I am a true feminist. I know we still live in a society where it is a little more difficult for a girl or a woman to juggle both career and home. I know nobody asks a successful male CEO about how he manages both his work and home but that is the first question which is asked to a successful female entrepreneur. But as the motto of Morning Cup of Sunshine, let’s look at the brighter side, at least we do see so many inspiring, successful women around who are breaking the barriers every single day. Every single day, a small girl from every corner of the world gets the confidence to trust herself, trust her abilities. Every day brings a new hope, it tells those little girls and even women like us to just keep doing the good work and trust nothing is impossible, trust nothing is out of reach just because you are a girl. On the special occasion of International women’s day, I want to honor some of the very special women in my life who inspired me, helped me believe that I can do anything in the world, I can be anything. Here is to all those women who helped me become who I am today.

I don’t think you have to guess too much for this one. I don’t know how many times I talked about her in this podcast. She was and she is my guiding post all throughout my life. Be it a small moment of happiness or a stressful day at work or the huge emotional turmoil, she is my safe place, a place where I can share absolutely anything. There is no judgment, there is only true compassion and deep love. I am so grateful to have a sister who I truly and deeply love. I have talked about her so many times on this podcast. We even had two entire episodes where we talked at length about our relationship, our likes-dislikes, our similarities, differences. We shared so many fun stories about each other. Those two episodes are some of the most fun episodes that I have ever done during my podcast journey. My sister always supported me in all my new adventures, my crazy ideas. I can see her standing by my side supporting whole heartedly in whatever new stupendous task I take up. We both talk multiple times in a day, the time difference, the hectic routine, kids' activities, jobs, even an entire Atlantic Ocean between us cannot come between our heart-to-heart conversations. I am just truly blessed to have such a kind and loving sister who truly inspires me in every single way.

If you have been listening to me for a while, then you will know that I love studying. I love learning new things. I acquired my love for learning and my passion for studying from my teachers. I absolutely adore my school. As you know, I come from a small time in western Maharashtra. Even though it was a small town, it was considered as one of the best towns for schooling. I loved my school. I still remember, I was in grade 6. It was the first day of school. School has just begun. We all were eagerly waiting for a new teacher; we were curious to know our new teacher. Then in a few minutes, she entered, a tall lady with glasses carrying a stack of books. The first thing I noticed was a bright smile. She was wearing a watch in her right hand. The dial of her watch was facing inside of her wrist. She slowly entered the classroom, kept her books on the table and smiled at us. There was something about her that made us feel very comfortable. She was like a breeze of fresh air. That day she taught us a poem, a Marathi poem. Her face was lighting up while explaining that poem. The entire class was listening to her with so much awe. She was so fluent and fluid in her thoughts. She is truly the best teacher ever.

I want to talk about many more inspiring women that we see around us. I love reading about them. But today I want to mention that you don’t have to be famous or extraordinarily successful to be celebrated. If you are managing your home, raising kindhearted kids, working in a job that fulfills your dreams or provides for your family, if you are working relentlessly to make your dream a reality, if you are taking care of your elderly parents, if you are making beautiful friendships, if you are nurturing your relationships with your caring attitude then you have to be celebrated. Every single woman needs to be celebrated but not for just one day but every single day. Every single day, when she comes back from the office and rather than just resting for an entire evening, she stands in the kitchen to cook a meal, she deserves to be celebrated. Every single day, when she skips her breakfast again just to make sure her kids reach school on time, she needs to be cared for. Every single time, when she keeps her passion on a backburner to make sure her family gets her undivided attention then someone has to tell her that she has every right to be happy and work for her happiness. Every single time when she has to make a choice between her career and her family, she needs to be supported and encouraged. Women’s day might be celebrated once a year but womanhood needs to be celebrated every single day. No woman expects her to be treated like a goddess, gone are those days but she definitely deserves to be treated like a person with aspirations, emotions and dreams. We need to amplify our voices, support each other, be the support system to another woman. We are the trailblazers; we have the power to uplift others who truly need it. Our little girls need to see the role models. They need the confidence to see their dreams and that is the only way to create visionary women. So, on this women’s day occasion, rather than speaking about one particular famous person, I decided to dedicate this final spot to all my friends, all the inspiring women in my family who are setting the bar high every single day with their grace, compassion and sincerity. Let’s decide today to be strong, let’s stand up for ourselves and let’s create a beautiful world with equality to everyone, more power to create your own dream life, more support to realize your big, bold dreams and more courage to help each other and be the best version of ourselves, every day. Happy International Women’s Day!!

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